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In most cases, the importance of a vase stays as long as there are flowers in it. But what if we do not have flowers? What about those boring empty vases that are just staring at us to get a renovation?

Old flower vases can get new life through DIY ideas. These amazingly simple ideas cost almost nothing and can be done using things available easily around you. Here, we are presenting with 10 creative ideas for filling vases or your old flower jars and turn them into new ones with amazing glitz.

10 creative ways to reuse a vase after the flowers are gone

1.     Rope vase

An amazing way to turn your old flower vase into a new one is to wrap it up with thick rope. So, grab one of them, paint glue on it and wrap around a thick rope by pressing it on the glued surface. After you are done, leave the vase to dry out fully. Afterward, you can put a mason jar inside, fill it with water, and a bouquet of your choice, and there you have a brand new centerpiece.

2.     Empty vase for repotting plants

You can reuse an empty vase to re-pot your favorite plants, like succulents. Decorative vases with wide mouths and bases are most suitable to be used for re-pot purposes. Take an old vase, clean it thoroughly, put some soil in it and plant your preferred succulent in it. Do not forget to put the vase on a spot that receives bright sunlight and fresh air, and there you get a new indoor plant décor.

3.     Air freshener

There can be uses for vases other than flowers, like air freshener. You can choose small glass vases of different colors, preferably the ones with light colors, and fill them with potpourri to make a natural room or air freshener. The transparent will reflect the potpourri inside, adding color to the whole décor of your room, as well.

4.     Bathroom organizer

If you are thinking about what to do with empty vases, you can use them as bathroom organizers. Use wide-mouth vases to keep on your bathroom shelves. You can keep 2- 3 vases and fill them with small different items like cotton balls, flowers, and so on. They will surely add elegance to your bathroom.

5.     Kitchen tool holder

If you need to organize your kitchen tools and can’t find anything to fit them in, think about using empty flower jars or vases. These vases can be used as organizers. All you need to do is to place your favorite vases on your kitchen shelves or dining table and fill them with all silverware and utensils.

6.     DIY lamp

We can’t deny that DIY projects with glass vases could lead to the creation of something cool and amazing, like night lamps. You can color your vases or keep them as it is, and place LED wire string lights inside, and voila! You have your very own DIY night lamp that can add an oomph factor to the ambiance of any room!

7.     Candleholder

Flower jar arrangements can be used wisely for holding candles instead of flowers. Take small transparent flower vases, clean them, and put candles inside, based on the shape and size of your vase. And you are done!

Yes, now you just need to place the new candle holders as per your preference. You can also place scented candles to create an exotic ambiance as well.

8.     Terrarium

Another interesting way to display empty vases is by using them as a terrarium. Trendy and easy to care about, you can place a terrarium any place you want that receives a bit of light and a sprinkle of water. All you would need are a reusable glass vase with a large opening to put the plants in, small stones or pebbles, potting charcoal, sand, soil, plants, and landscaping accessories.

Here are the steps to make your terrarium:

  • Clean the glass jar or vase.
  • Cover the vase base with pebbles or gravel.
  • Add a small layer of potting charcoal.
  • Add a thin layer of moss to separate the soil from the charcoal layer.
  • Add a thick layer of potting soil.
  • Using a spoon or finger create a hole to pot the plants.
  • Keep about 1 plant per 1-inch diameter.
  • Once the potting is done, add extra moss, gravel, or decorative rocks to cover the soil.
  • Place the terrarium on a brightly lit spot.

9.     Candy bowl

Do you love candies or have kids who love them? Then you should think of using old flower vases as candy bowls. Take any of your glass flower vases and fill them with candies of popping colors and shapes. You can also use chalkboard paint to create cute labels on them as well.

10. Donate to the local florist

If you can’t think of any other uses for flower jars, you can donate them to your local florist(s). Call your local florists and see if they need them. And, you need fresh flower jar arrangements online then you can go ahead with Melbourne Fresh Flowers. Order flowers with them as they are one of the reputed online florists in Melbourne where you can shop a variety of gorgeous Melbourne flowers and several bouquets of flowers and many floral arrangements online. They are specialized in the quick delivery of fresh flower arrangements. You will also be able to avail same-day flower delivery in Melbourne or anywhere in the Melbourne suburbs with them. Ordering flowers online with expert florists like MFF will truly be your best bet. You won’t be able to find such trustworthy flower delivery services anywhere else.

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