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After a whole year of strict restrictions and lockdown, 2021 can be the year to get more creative when it comes to weddings. The new normal is shaping our way of life, which includes weddings as well. Thankfully, flowers have remained one of the untouched segments that has not faced the lash of the pandemic. Fresh wedding flowers have always remained central to any wedding design and decoration.

From romantic bouquets to fresh wall hangings, flowers have always served the cheerful mood to any wedding. And if you are in Melbourne and planning your wedding, you are going to have an abundance of flower choices.

So, if you are planning your wedding or are a professional wedding planner, our guide to the spring floral wedding trends 2021 will surely become handy.

Top wedding flowers in Spring 2021

1.     Sunflowers

Imagine a bouquet full of bright yellow happy sunflowers. Your wedding flower decoration ideas can get an instant boost if you opt to include sunflowers in them. These flowers are one of the easily available online wedding flowers in Melbourne, and you can get them delivered to your doorstep by Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

2.     Gerberas

The ever-colourful gerberas can be used best if you combine their 2- 3 colour varieties. You can combine gerberas with daisies as well to create your customized spring wedding bouquet These flowers are not only versatile to be used in weddings but also economical.

3.     Roses

Roses and weddings go hand in hand. These flowers have always been an integral part of any type of wedding. Sounds cliched? But we can’t deny it. Depending on the colour of the wedding decor and bridal dress, choose to create a customized rose bridal bouquet that will add romance to the whole ambiance.

4. Snapdragons

Snapdragons are good old-fashioned flowers and remain one of the most popular spring wedding flower décor choices. These flowers stand for innocence, purity, and grace. You can use snapdragons not only for your wedding bouquet but also as a part of the wedding table flower arrangements.

5.     White lilies

The serene white lilies need to introduction. Its beauty speaks for itself. If you are planning to choose lilies as your spring wedding flowers, you can order them online and get them delivered on the same day (on weekdays and Saturdays) from Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

6.     Dried flowers

Another off-beat floral wedding trend 2021 is using dried flowers. They look amazingly beautiful and long-lasting. You can choose to keep them even after your big day as a reminiscence. What more? You can combine dried flowers with fresh ones to create a fabulous bohemian look. The designing scope with these flowers is endless. You just need to put your best creative foot forward and churn out the design that suits your occasion the most.

To conclude, we can say that flowers add a dash of romance, versatility, and allure to any wedding, We cannot think of this occasion without incorporating flowers and floral arrangements.

The top list of spring wedding flowers 2021 is not an exhaustive one. These are some of the most versatile and easily available spring wedding flowers in Melbourne. But since it will be your special day, you can choose the best cheap flowers for weddings from Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

Indulge in the abundance of fresh flowers at your wedding, no matter what flower you prefer. Nothing can beat the amazing combination of flowers and green leaves at your wedding. And perhaps nothing can capture the spirit of your big day than seasonal blooms.

Stay fresh and have an amazing flowery spring wedding!

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